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    The week's most popular people

    Oliver Sacks, Neurologist

    Oliver Sacks

    Robert De Niro and Robin Williams visit me for Awakenings
    Murray Gell-Mann, Physicist

    Murray Gell-Mann

    Criticism of Julian Schwinger
    William Simons, ${story.speaker.primaryField}

    William Simons

    Learning to live with acne
    Marvin Minsky, Cognitive scientist

    Marvin Minsky
    Cognitive scientist

    Making the most useless machine

    Editor's choice

    Diana Athill, Writer

    Diana Athill

    Moral responsibility
    Sydney Brenner, Biologist

    Sydney Brenner

    From fish to man in DNA
    Alice Herz-Sommer, Pianist

    Alice Herz-Sommer

    The importance of avoiding boredom
    Peter Hall, Theatre director

    Peter Hall
    Theatre director

    'A bit like having two ladies in your life'

    Featured channel: Ageing & Death

    Philip Roth, Writer

    Philip Roth

    Death stuns me
    Katharine Whitehorn, Journalist

    Katharine Whitehorn

    ‘You can’t spend 25 years watching telly and failing to cut the lawn’

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