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    The week's most popular people

    Doris Lessing, Writer

    Doris Lessing

    Let's write a novel!
    Jules Engel, Animator

    Jules Engel

    A baby with a head like a hexagon
    Murray Gell-Mann, Physicist

    Murray Gell-Mann

    Criticism of Julian Schwinger
    Marvin Minsky, Cognitive scientist

    Marvin Minsky
    Cognitive scientist

    Making the most useless machine

    Editor's choice

    George Daniels, Master watchmaker

    George Daniels
    Master watchmaker

    Making an exploding clock
    Lewis Wolpert, Biologist

    Lewis Wolpert

    Beautiful bridges inspired my study in civil engineering
    Tomas Venclova, Poet

    Tomas Venclova

    An unexpected love story
    Sydney Brenner, Biologist

    Sydney Brenner

    My strengths and weaknesses

    Featured channel: Friendship

    Julia Hartwig, Poet

    Julia Hartwig

    Friends in the opposition
    Clifton Mitchell, Boxer

    Clifton Mitchell

    Friendships with Johnny Nelson and Prince Naseem Hamed
    Redmond O'Hanlon, Writer

    Redmond O'Hanlon

    My imaginary childhood friends
    Mike Bayon, WWII veteran

    Mike Bayon
    WWII veteran

    The relationship between pilot and navigator

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