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    The week's most popular people

    Stan Lee, Writer

    Stan Lee

    A flat tyre in Chillicothe, Ohio
    Marvin Minsky, Cognitive scientist

    Marvin Minsky
    Cognitive scientist

    Making the most useless machine
    Murray Gell-Mann, Physicist

    Murray Gell-Mann

    Criticism of Julian Schwinger
    William Simons, ${story.speaker.primaryField}

    William Simons

    Learning to live with acne

    Editor's choice

    Diana Athill, Writer

    Diana Athill

    The best and the worst moments of my life
    Leonard Hayflick, Microbiologist

    Leonard Hayflick

    You are a biogerontologist whether you like it or not!
    Susan Blackmore, Psychologist

    Susan Blackmore

    Experiments with extrasensory perception
    Christian de Duve, Biochemist

    Christian de Duve

    Autophagy: Self-eating by cells

    Featured channel: Education

    Michael Atiyah, Mathematician

    Michael Atiyah

    How not to encourage somebody
    Howard Hiatt, Physician

    Howard Hiatt

    Letter of thanks from Derek Bok
    Andrzej Wajda, Film director

    Andrzej Wajda
    Film director

    Pre-war versus post-war cinema
    Francis Crick, Biologist

    Francis Crick

    What we don't know

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