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    The week's most popular people

    Stan Lee, Writer

    Stan Lee

    A flat tyre in Chillicothe, Ohio
    Alice Herz-Sommer, Pianist

    Alice Herz-Sommer

    Learning to play the piano
    Marvin Minsky, Cognitive scientist

    Marvin Minsky
    Cognitive scientist

    Show and tell: My neural network machine

    Editor's choice

    John Maynard Smith, Biologist

    John Maynard Smith

    The influence of science fiction
    James Lovelock, Scientist

    James Lovelock

    Detecting life on Mars
    Anthony Caro, Sculptor

    Anthony Caro

    What motivates my art
    Jonathan Miller, Theatre director

    Jonathan Miller
    Theatre director

    'The older you get, the more you know about life'

    Featured channel: Friendship

    Jeremy Bernstein, Physicist

    Jeremy Bernstein

    How A Clockwork Orange killed my friendship with Kubrick
    Oliver Sacks, Neurologist

    Oliver Sacks

    I miss my dear friend, Thom Gunn
    Brian Sewell, Art critic

    Brian Sewell
    Art critic

    Standing up for Anthony Blunt
    Mike Bayon, WWII veteran

    Mike Bayon
    WWII veteran

    The relationship between pilot and navigator

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