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KG Subramanyan


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My brother, Andrew

Diana Athill - Writer

We [Andrew and I] were very great friends and he was sent off to school and that was awful. So then of course we became less great friends, because we didn't see so much of each other. And that made him very unhappy. He hated being at school, poor little boy. Hated it. He just felt completely exiled. He was… he was… he belonged to the place, he belonged to Ditchingham to such an extent that it was a real torment for him, not being there. He knew every inch of that place. He used to say that he'd climbed every single tree in the whole [sic] and he really was, sort of, native to it. And he minded being not there very much. He would have said his childhood was unhappy because of that.

In his preschool days, we were very, very great friends. We used to go about linked with our arms around each other's necks. I remember thinking: Awful little self-conscious child, smug little child, walking across a lawn. There was a tennis party going on. Andrew and I with our arm around each other, thinking: They'll all be thinking what sweet little children we are.

Francis Crick - Scientist
Walter Murch - Film-maker
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