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Web of Stories offers you the chance to listen to some of the greatest people of our time telling their life stories.

Our awareness of the war

Andrzej Wajda


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The beauty of the double helix model

Francis Crick - Scientist

Ours wasn’t exactly right, it was only approximately right. Rosalind Franklin and Maurice Wilkins had refined it and got it in a better shape. Well, it’s… it isn't… it isn’t that it looks so beautiful, it’s the idea, I think, of the structure and what it does which it… because of its… its simplicity that’s really… really what makes people say it’s beautiful, which I think is the right word. I mean, it was very unexpected that it should be as simple and as striking as that.

Francis Crick - Scientist
Walter Murch - Film-maker
Murray Gell-Mann - Scientist
Oliver Sacks - Scientist