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Web of Stories offers you the chance to listen to some of the greatest people of our time telling their life stories.

The birth of fractals (Part 1)

Benoît Mandelbrot


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The Indian village that made idols

W Daniel Hillis - Scientist

But I remember once going to the village that made the idols and my mother packed me a lunch which had a boiled egg and some sandwiches. And we went off to this village which was out in the boondocks some place where they'd made the idols. And I remember, it's very funny, because you saw them making all these idols of the Durgas and the Ganeshas, the elephant. And the various other kinds. But then they would also make like they were making Elvis Presley dolls and other things like that.

And what they did was, this village was kind of interesting, which is that they worshipped... They had temples and they had... The worshipped the idols sort of in proportion to the number that got ordered. So I remember going into their temple where they had like Durga and Ganesha and Buddha and John F Kennedy and Elvis. And of course the Virgin Mary. All these idols which were all kind of the same to them in terms of... So...

Marvin Minsky - Scientist
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