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"The Shadow Line" as a film about Conrad

Andrzej Wajda


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Hopes for young people

Renato Dulbecco - Scientist

[Q] What we say to today's young people is: do you want to further yourselves and have hope?

But, to today's young people, look, what I said in San Remo is to try to help as much as possible in all ways. In fact, the Telethon put careers onto its programme, so that young people... I don't know, people who come from abroad, also locals who wish to develop themselves, can be helped to develop their careers, at least from a financial viewpoint, which is one of the things, in fact, this is crucial. And this is done in a very serious way, again: respecting values, respecting merits. This is important because if one does not acknowledge merit, then in the end, everyone is disheartened, there is no-one to encourage. Instead, now what I think is that young people have more opportunities than in the past, precisely on account of these various types of actions and in fact... now I don't know the exact number of those that returned to Italy, about twenty or so, twenty five...

[Q] Yes, about twenty or so, twenty five...

And I spoke with them several times and they are satisfied, they are happy.

[Q] Are there other foundations in Italy that return that make this exchange? There was also for example that, the Armenise, the Harvard one which provides careers and brings them over with contracts, gives them the equipment, the laboratory instruments, all that they need to carry out research.

Therefore this question now is, whether there is a sufficient number... then also to help young people to return to work in Italy, we also need to give them working conditions that are adequate, otherwise, why should they return?

[Q] Of course.

Philip Roth - Writer
Oliver Sacks - Scientist
Walter Lassally - Film-maker
Jonas Mekas - Film-maker
Murray Gell-Mann - Scientist