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Poetry Readings: Seated woman


Poetry Readings: Mavericks heretics spoilers
Julia Hartwig Poet
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Though mavericks heretics spoilers

we are all children of nature

Just as a birth brought with it the forecast of death

so we wander among gardens

disinherited from wild meadows

greeting with our feet the roots of roots

the cradle of mortality


Taken from 'In Praise of the Unfinished: Selected Poems' (2008) translated, from the Polish, by John and Bogdana Carpenter.



Chociaż odmieńcy heretycy psuje

jesteśmy wszyscy dziećmi jej – natury

Jak przez swe narodziny niósł zapowiedź śmierci

tak my pośród ogrodów krążąc

z dzikich łąk wydziedziczeni

pozdrawiamy stopami korzenie korzeni

kolebkę śmiertelności

Born to a Polish father and a Russian mother, Julia Hartwig (1921-2017) was a Polish poet, essayist, translator and author of children's books. She studied at the University of Warsaw, the Catholic University in Lublin and the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. Czesław Miłosz called her 'the grande dame of Polish poetry'. Julia Hartwig was one of the few poets in Poland who made masterly use of poetic prose. She translated poems by Apollinaire, Rimbaud, Max Jacob, Cendrars and Supervielle, and published monographs on Apollinaire and Gerard de Nerval. She also translated from English, and published a large anthology of American poetry which she co-edited in 1992 with her late husband, the poet Artur Międzyrzecki.

Listeners: Andrzej Wolski

Film director and documentary maker, Andrzej Wolski has made around 40 films since 1982 for French television, the BBC, TVP and other TV networks. He specializes in portraits and in historical films. Films that he has directed or written the screenplay for include Kultura, which he co-directed with Agnieszka Holland, and KOR which presents the history of the Worker’s Defence Committee as told by its members. Andrzej Wolski has received many awards for his work, including the UNESCO Grand Prix at the Festival du Film d’Art.

Tags: Mavericks heretics spoilers

Duration: 28 seconds

Date story recorded: June 2010

Date story went live: 15 June 2011